Land of Centennial Olive Trees

The centennial olive tree has an incalculable value. The olive tree is the symbol of the diet and mediterranean culture par excellence.

There are records of ancient trees and find exemplary centenarians is extremely difficult, its twisted forms and its thick trunk are its main features. It is very difficult to find an olive tree that contains a solid trunk, most of the olive trees tend to have a niche and large holes in its trunk, produced by the passage of time.

Its bloom is about half of the spring and is late fall autumn when they can begin to see the fruits, first in shades of green and later in dark brown or violet.

In Riudecanyes we are lucky to have several olive trees of the arbequina variety.


Lunch Between Centennial Olive Trees

If you want to enjoy a natural breakfast in the middle of nature, surrounded by centennial olive trees (some ancient), knowing how the EVOO and the tools that are used…, get in touch with us and we will explain what you should do to live a single moment.


If you want to see in all its glory the magnificent spectacle of olive
trees in Riudecanyes?