Oleoturism in Riudecanyes

The undisputed product of Mediterranean cuisine, is undoubtedly extra virgin olive oil. That is why the best way to learn all their secrets is through gastronomy, tourism, landscape, culture and good professional tasting.

The Oleotourism is able to enjoy of the EVOO and tourism in one place. And Riudecanyes has everything so that you can enjoy and know firsthand the excellent quality of the EVOO Escornalbou.

“Friendly” Olives

“Friendly” Olives Riudecanyes, a land of centennial olive trees is the motto that fits into the alien to the masses and eco-tourism with eco-friendly, local culture and traditional agriculture techniques.

It is not only to publicize the craftsmanship of the harvest of olives and the production of EVOO, there are also excursions, workshops on oil, oil tasting, cooking classes, sports activities.

In other words: tourism to choice.

Ruta guiada oleoturismo

Almuerzo y paseo comentado entre olivos centenarios, visita guiada en el centro de interpretación, en el pueblo y en el embalse de Riudecanyes.

Ruta guiada oleoturismo en familia

Paseo dinamizado entre olivos centenarios, mini cata de aceites y pan con tomate, visita en el centro de interpretación y taller de maceración de aceite.

Tasting of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In the tasting of extra virgin olive oil, to follow the same analytical processes which with other liquid processes. For the tasting of the EVOO used blue glass tumblers and follows the stage visual, olfactory, gustatory, tactile, equilibrium and harmony.

The organoleptic characteristics of a product are the set of qualities or attributes of the same that can be detected by the senses (sight, smell, taste, touch) such as color, smell, taste or smoothness.

Color is not considered in the sensory analysis for analytical purposes, because depending on the variety and ripeness of the olives, we can find more gold either more greenish oils, but both can be of the highest quality.

We have several proposals, both for small groups and a guided tours tours of up to 50 people.


  • Visit to the center of the oil and taste of the product
  • Live Earth: field of olive trees to the cooperative (with reserve Max 15 people)
  • Taste the oil: introduction to the oil tasting (scheduled and maximum 15 people)
  • For gourmets: specialized professional taster tasting (scheduled and maximum 15 people)
  • Tasting of other products from the Earth (scheduled and maximum 50 persons)

Lunch Between Olive Trees

If you want to enjoy a natural breakfast in the middle of nature, surrounded by centennial olive trees (some ancient), knowing how the EVOO and the tools that are used…, get in touch with us and we will explain what you should do to live a single moment.

Do you want to enjoy an unforgettable day in a place of dreams?