Arbequinas Olive Glass 220 grs

It is small and tasty olives grown for over a thousand years ago in the Tarragona region of the Barony d’Escornalbou and surrounding. Like all products of the region, known for its concentration and sharpness of aromas and flavors.

Regarding its method of production, we can say that begins the task of gathering the fruit in the field by farmers partners, mid late October and early November.

Then are selected by size and color, separating those that do not meet quality requirements and is used for canning only the best parts. Once classified, are introduced immediately in jars and is added water, salt and the corresponding aromatic herbs, and this is where the process of preparing controlled weekly begins.

After a few months, they are ready for packaging.

The Arbequina olive is used to accompany salads, snacks, lunch (the typical Catalan tomato bread with sausage) and also with all kinds of dishes as accompanist.

Ingredients: Arbequina olives, water, salt and herbs.

Prizes And Awards

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gourmet Escornalbou has been honored with over 25 awards and recognition of the great masters of the kitchen, Chef Xavier Pellicer, 2 Michelin stars.
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