100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Authentic Gourmet Quality

With a delicate Gourmet flavor that makes it ideal to enhance the natural taste of Mediterranean cuisine

Milled Before 24 Hours at 27 º
Only By Mechanical Processing

Highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Harvested by Hand
100% Traditional Processing

From the olives directly to your table

The Agricultural Cooperative of Riudecanyes

The Agricultural Cooperative of Riudecanyes was registered with number 1542 in the registration official of field´s cooperatives of the Labour Ministry dated 23/11/1945, according to founding act dated 21/12/1935. The publication of the high of Agricultural Cooperative of Riudecanyes was in the B.O.E. dated 01/16/1946.

The objective of the founding of the cooperative consists of grouping and focus the offer of products agricolas and at the same time purchasing fertilizers and supplies needed for farming in more advantageous conditions.

The cooperative has at present, and after the resulting merger of three cooperatives (Vilanova d´Escornalbou, Duesaigües i Riudecanyes), about 450 members, of which about 200 are producers of olives. From the 2011-2012 campaign, all processes have been made in the new oil mill, a facility of 1000 square meters on the outskirts of the village. This mill, with new equipment and next-generation allows us to produce the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The old building of the mill is used for marketing, through the construction of a center of flavors of Baix Camp, a space totally dedicated to the EVOO from Riudecanyes, a local shop and a farm museum. We organize guided tours and tastings throughout the year.

To receive further information on activities related to the Oleoturism that we carry out in Riudecanyes, please click here.

Possibly the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil for its extraordinary taste and aroma… pleasantly surprised.

Xavier Pellicer, 2-Stars Michelin Chef

How We Work
100% Traditional Process

The olives are collected in a manual way, using a harp, making dropping olives to a fabric called “Borrassà”. The harvested olives (from 100% arbequina variety) are carried to the mill everyday, where before 24 h are ground at 27 ° C. This temperature guarantees obtaining an excellent gourmet EVOO.

The EVOO Escornalbou Gourmet belongs to the protected designation of origin SIURANA DOP, which, through its regulatory board, sail and subjected to oil to a series of strict controls to guarantee the quality and category Extra Virgin.

100% Arbequina
unsurpassed aroma and flavor

100% Manual Collection
traditional by harp

Milled to 27º
within 24 hours

The cooperative currently exports for about 35% of  annual production to international markets

The cooperative exports Escornalbou Extra Virgin Olive Oil to countries such as USA, China, Colombia, Germany, Holland, Andorra, Russia, Switzerland, etc…

+34 977 834 011

Escornalbou Gourmet
C/ Dilluns, 70 · 43771 Riudecanyes
Tarragona (Spain)

Geographic location

Riudecanyes is a villa situated within walking distance of the sea, of the cities of Reus and Tarragona and at the same time we are in the mountains, enjoying all the peace that gives us the nature and the countryside.

We want people to get to know the culture of the oil, the place where it is produced and how it is made, to see olive trees, to know the territory, to learn the utilities that it has in the kitchen. We believe this is the way to make consumers faithful and consume extra virgin olive oil, so important in our Mediterranean diet, say many doctors, southern, naturists and cooks, that guarantee the properties of the EVOO and its benefits for our health.