Escornalbou Gourmet
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Endorsed by Chef Xavier Pellicer, 2 Michelin Stars

100% Arbequina Extra Virgin
Authentic Gourmet Quality

A Gourmet EVOO Quality for daily cooking, especially for frying, salad dressing, pasta, meats, sauces...

Manual Harvesting of Olives
Traditional Process 100%

From Olives directly to your table

Exported to International Markets
Sold in Over 10 Countries

Now you can buy our EVOO in the US, Russia and China

Stringent Quality Controls
Traceability and Control

Production of 100% EVOO traditional food to exacting quality controls

High Antioxidant Content
Cardio Properties

Help take care of your heart and your family with the highest quality EVOO

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Arbequina
authentic Gourmet quality
with more than 25 awards

Supreme Gourmet Quality
Soft and fruity flavor with maximum acidity of 0.2º

Ideal for both common culinary use (frying, salads, pastas, sauces, meats, etc.) and gourmet kitchen. More than 25 awards and culinary accolades.

100% Traditional Process
Harvesting olives manually

Milling within 24 hours of collection. Cold extraction (27 ° C). Packaged in the same mill, and only upon request.

Traceability and Food Control
Pass strict tests in terms of chemistry

Traceability of each producer. Olives control before entry to the mill, chemical analysis of each sample, etc.

Exported to International Markets
35.5% of production exported overseas

Our EVOO is already sold in countries like the US, Russia, China, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Andorra, Colombia, etc.

Cardio Properties
With a high content of vitamins and antioxidants

The extra virgin olive oil is beneficial for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

New 2017 Gourmet EVOO Escornalbou Promo Video
the secret of our liquid gold unveiled

Discover the origins and the elaboration process for one of the most award-winning extra virgin olive oils worldwide.

Xavier Pellicer chef with two Michelin stars
choose our Gourmet EVOO Escornalbou

Chef 2 Michelin stars choose our EVOO to launch his own brand EVOO Xavier Pellicer

A good extra virgin olive oil must be available to everyone

Xavier Pellicer - Chef 2 Michelin stars

That is why I chose this Extra Virgin produced by the Barony of Escornalbou Cooperative Riudecanyes in Tarragona

Xavier Pellicer - Chef 2 Michelin stars

Cooking with the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is good for your health and that of your family

Xavier Pellicer - Chef 2 Michelin stars

The secret of a good extra virgin olive oil in the kitchen make the difference between a outstanding dish and a sublime dish

Xavier Pellicer - Chef 2 Michelin stars

Discover our Gourmet EVOO Escornalbou
from Olives directly to your table

Obtained through manual processes and traditional mechanical for over seventy years

1 l
2 l
250 ml
3 l
5 l
500 ml
750 ml
Castillo De La Baronia
Pote Olivas

Quality gourmet kitchen daily
Where to buy our Escornalbou Gourmet EVOO

Find the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gourmet Escornalbou outlets in the following stores

Xavier Pellicer - Chef 2 Michelin stars

I’m impressed by the quality and purity of this EVOO. For me it is a pleasure to be the ambassador of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that gives a flavor and a sensitivity that differentiate from the rest. You can buy my EVOO Xavier Pellicer in Caprabo supermarkets and gourmet stores.

Xavier Pellicer - Chef 2 Michelin stars

Gonzalo Cambra, Commercial & Marketing Manager in Cooperativa Escornalbou

The great success of our EVOO is a clear indication of the excellent quality.

Gonzalo Cambra, Commercial & Marketing Manager in Cooperativa Escornalbou

Josep Puigmartí - Artist, painter and sculptor

An Extra Virgin Olive Oil with art inspired mix “OLI” more “OIL”.

Josep Puigmartí - Artist, painter and sculptor


(%) production exported to international markets


Prizes & Awards


EVOO liters packed & sold in 2017/2018 season

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